Ed Starkey, now deceased, started out covering 6 states in the Southeast United States.  Thirty plus years ago when Ed retired and Dane and Mark Starkey began running the company we honed down our territory to Florida only, excluding the panhandle. This is because Manufacturers were not as interested in an agency that could cover large chunks of the country but rather were more interested in a focused approach on specific markets. We have specialized in fenestration products and other related products by selling to the dealer/distributor network handling and or installing products for nearly 60 years.  In the process we have endured and survived many critical downturns in the building industry and are proud to still exist as a thriving company. We have represented BetterBilt and MI Windows and Doors for 30 plus years in the Florida market with great success including two years of 40 plus Million in sales.  We also represent the HomeGuard house wrap line in the State. 

Ed Starkey & Associates, Inc. is now a third generation company.  Dane Starkey has retired and Mark Starkey is approaching retirement in the coming year.  M. Steven Starkey Jr. (8 years) is now at the helm with the aid of Jason Proly (6 years) who is related by marriage to the Starkey family.  We have just come off of a very successful comeback year due to the recovery of a long and drastic downturn in the industry.  We are proud to still be here and are very eager to continue our perseverance and winning ways in the industry.  If you have need of a Rep Group in Florida that has been successful there for nearly 60 years and has vast experience and contacts in the industry, please give us a call.

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